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I set a social experiment of some sort, and initially wanted to compare the emotional and physical changes one experience while being clothed and then in the nude. I entered into an unknown world, this is a social experiment, and I want to see how people react to themselves. Pick your locations, pick your outfit, pick your pose, the rest will be up to me; I asked acquaintances, friends and family to allow me to photograph them in a setting of their choice, once in their clothing, and later, nude. I photographed them facing whatever direction they feel most comfortable; they would usually face the camera. I did not give them instructions and let them interact with the camera in the most “natural way” possible, exactly in the way they would pose. I am interested in people from different backgrounds and various places. I wanted to explore topics relating to the psychology behind nudity. I tried photographing as many people from all over the world, including Hawaii, Italy, the U.S and Israel, in order to get the most broad perspectives and emotions that relate to the project. The transformation that occurs from the clothed to the nude, and from subject to subject, are quite astonishing. These changes occur in their physical and mental state. Their clothes and the poses of their naked bodies work like metaphors of who they are, in a way that reveals their personality and I get the privilege to see them change throughout time. The final document that concludes the process is the model’s personal writing, which I ask them to write after both sessions are done, it is an abstract writing piece that shows powerful emotions that the model goes through during the sessions.