Nudes > Vulnerability of the Male Nude

Showing vulnerability - that is what I am trying to achieve. Through this process I can maybe cure myself. Looking for something that is not quite clear, that is how it started. From there it continued to the desire to portray the complete nudity of someone else, anyone else, because the feeling of being naked began with me.
It is like a present that you want to tear open, slowly you peel layer after layer, and all the pieces fall down on the floor. All that is left is nudity, not the pysical kind of nudity, but the bear naked soul that is left out there, you can feel it through the gaze.
Everything started with Edward Weston, my inspiration since high school, the artist of body delusions, I wanted to follow his way, separate body parts, show the beauty and the bizarre.
My process changed and I started capturing the whole complete body, with face, and it focused on the gaze, that special exposed look in the eyes that I had on my face, and I wanted to show it through other people.
The men are looking at me, in a very real and honest way. The portrait is intimate; there is a true connection between us.
With these 4 men that are friends in my life, I explore vulnerability - some of these men are more open and real with me. Some try to reveal themselves to me and it doesn't work, but it's a level of opennes that is hard to achieve, so I understand.